August Newsletter

Next Meeting: August 2nd, 2014

Hey Wood Wizards!


Scrimshaw anyone?

Come this Saturday, August 2nd, and join your friends!

One of our favorite instructors, Mike moeskau, will be visiting us this Saturday to teach a class on Scrimshaw. There will be no charge for the class and you don’t have to bring any thing to that class all items will be provided.

This is a fun technique to learn and Mike is very good at it. Please show up and show him how much we enjoy his instructions. 

This will be a very informative class with well worth your time!


We also enjoy your show and tell items. So bring some and tell us how you did them. We always learn when you do.


As always, there will be goodies and our famous raffle. Class starts at 9:30 and there’s always plenty of help available if you need it. We appreciate Woodcraft letting us have space for our meetings. They are located at:

Join us Saturday. 9:30 to 12:30

Cyprus Station Square 60 FM 1960 West Houston, TX 77090 281-880-0045


Wood Wizard membership is only $10 a year. Why not come and join a great group of carvers? We have different projects each month at reasonable prices and we try to make the projects different to reach everyone’s interests.

2 thoughts on “August Newsletter

  1. Hi, Wood Wizards!

    I can’t seem to find an email address for you, so I will have to contact you here:

    The Woodworking Shows will be kicking off its 2014-2015 season in late October and I want to make sure your group will be coming!

    The Show will be in your neck of the woods October 24-26, at the Lone Star Convention & Expo Center in Conroe.

    Because you are not a vendor selling product, but rather a group devoted to promoting woodworking by supporting and encouraging local woodworkers, we have a free booth space for you with tables, chairs, and electricity available at no additional charge.

    If your group will be able to join us, please go to and click into the online form to get registered. As soon as you have filled out the online form, your group is in and you can begin rounding up your members to work shifts. You do not need to wait for approval.

    Set-up is Thursday Noon to 6 PM and/or Friday 8-11 AM. The show opens at Noon Friday, so you will need to staff your booth Friday 12-6, Saturday 10-6, and Sunday 10-3, plus tear down afterward.

    After you have registered online, I will be contacting your appointed contact person to confirm availability of your requested needs and address any further questions you might have. If you have not heard from me within two weeks of submitting your registration, please drop me an email at [email protected] or call me directly at 406-546-0845, just in case a technical glitch prevented it from going through.

    Also, this year’s Project Showcase is going to be expanded once again. Rather than emphasizing the competitive element, we are going to focus more on celebrating local woodworking. Please encourage all of your members to bring a completed project, something they are proud of–whatever their level of woodworking may be–to add to our Project Showcase. If a member wishes to enter the item into a competition for prizes, that is an option, but entering the competition is not required. We just want to enjoy each other’s work. Just like a car show features lots and lots of great cars, The Woodworking Shows should feature lots and lots of great woodworking!

    Of course, you will want to fill your booth with beautiful things to look at, as well. Some groups use The Woodworking Shows as an opportunity to have their own member show or competition, bringing in judges before the show opens on Friday or Saturday morning and draping pieces with ribbons for the crowd to admire. You can even have a People’s Choice category, allowing other show attendees to cast their votes, as a way to draw crowds to your booth!

    Another great way to draw people to your booth is to have an activity available for kids. Many parents bring kids to the show, hoping to trigger an early interest in woodworking. If you have a small project available where kids can use some simple tools and make something they get to take home, we will direct ALL of the families with kids to you. Parents are always so grateful to find something hands-on for their kids to do.

    Be creative! Be friendly! Be outgoing! Be on your feet and ready to interact with the crowd! You never know who might be your next new member.

    Hoping you can make it and looking forward the show!


    Sherry, for The Woodworking Shows

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